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Security Products

Video surveillance is becoming the norm. Businesses of all sizes are discovering how this technology not only provides security, but enables businesses to lower operating costs and increase productivity. Originally designed to monitor for security concerns, video surveillance is now deployed to reduce liability, prevent inventory shrinkage and protect against fraud. With today’s abundant lawsuits and potential workplace violence, video surveillance can make the difference between total loss and continued prosperity.

As video technology continues to evolve, it is becoming increasingly more cost effective and easy-to-use. The wide variety of cameras, enclosures and recording systems available today offers businesses the ability to have custom-tailored solutions. Improved camera controls allow more comprehensive observation. Digital technology enables instant and effortless retrieval of specific images. Automated backup ensures preservation of potentially critical recordings. Straight-forward application design and deployment enables the ideal solution for any situation.

Clear2there offers advanced video surveillance recording technology. The Vistaplex® Digital Video Recorder/Server (DVRS) enables video surveillance over LAN, WAN or Internet. Standard Internet browser compatibility eliminates the proprietary software normally required for remote access and monitoring. Since video cameras use standard composite video signaling, the Vistaplex may be used with existing cameras and new video surveillance applications.

Honeywell®Video Systems offers a full line of video surveillance products, including a large variety of cameras, lenses and housings. A Honeywell CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) system is one of the most efficient, cost-effective ways to keep a watchful eye on people and property. Even a small security staff can cover a large area efficiently because multiple spots can be observed from a single monitoring location.