Inter-Tel Technologies

Converged Solutions

Businesses are constantly searching for better ways to help them overcome the difficult challenges they face in meeting the expectations of their customers or clients. Customers demand superior performance, and the ability to meet and exceed those expectations can be compromised by the wrong choice of communications solutions. In today’s rapidly changing and fiercely competitive business environment, to effectively compete—and succeed, your business needs to leverage the right choice of communications platform and integrated applications that provide significant and measurable return on investment.

Because Inter-Tel’s converged solution is a true converged system, combining voice over IP (VoIP), wireless, digital and analog technology options within a single platform, businesses have the ability to select from an array of appropriate solutions. Inter-Tel’s converged solution is designed to function with existing applications, so organizations can move as quickly as they want to full IP communications, while respecting their existing technology investments.

Since Inter-Tel realizes the true value of technology for your business lies in its ability to specifically address strategic goals, we’ve developed communication-enabling business applications that are designed to integrate tightly with the Inter-Tel converged platform. Applications such as Presence Management and Collaboration and Messaging tools enable enhanced productivity and operational performance—important factors as businesses look to grow and expand in new ways.