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Automotive Dealerships Communications Platform

In the ultra-competitive world of buying, selling and servicing automobiles, automotive dealerships must improve customer service levels, reach potential customers effectively and enhance the car-buying experience in order to capture and retain more clients. Effective communication tools are an essential key to addressing these needs and growing a successful dealership.

Improving Business Processes:
- Deliver exceptional customer service

- Facilitate the mobility of your sales and service force

- Streamline front office operations

- Reduce business expenses

- Provide convenient services for your busy customers

Offer your customers convenient services and streamline operations by implementing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications:
- Increase employee productivity by eliminating the need for administrative staff to answer repetitive questions or process routine calls

- Provide your customers with 24/7 access to information and services

- Reduce the need to add customer support staff for peak hours

- Route calls to the appropriate personnel or department

Facilitate mobility with Inter-Tel Unified Communicator® software:
- Automatically forward specific calls to other associates or a receptionists when you’re with a customer or attending to other business matters

- Receive urgent calls from a particular customer or manager—no matter where you are and from the communications device of your choice (PDA, cell phone, etc.)

- Enable or disable routing rules, initiate calls, record customized greetings for individual callers and more via speech recognition when you’re on the move

- Access your address book and speed-dial customers, addressing business matter quickly

Handle incoming calls promptly and view Presence information of colleagues using Attendant Console software:
- Provides an at-a-glance display of directory names, extension numbers and presence status for simplified call initiation, transferring and conferencing

- Streamline call handling—increasing productivity and efficiency levels

- Enable users to provide personalized service and expedite important customer calls
- Create the ideal call-handling environment based on your personal preferences

Implement a communications platform designed to address your specific business requirements:
- Deploy IP, wireless, digital and analog when and where it’s right for your business

- Choose from a variety of feature-rich, scalable platforms

- Protect your investment as technology evolves and your organization's needs change

- Increase employee productivity and customer service levels

- Bring employees closer together for a simpler, more collaborative environment

Inter-Tel offers numerous solutions that improve business processes. Please visit our Applications page to view other offerings.