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Education Communications Platform

The education sector requires reliable communications solutions to create an effective and safe environment, as well as to improve the way students, parents, educators and administrators communicate and function. Primary and secondary schools, as well as and colleges and universities use Inter-Tel solutions to improve the security and safety of classrooms and campuses; institute interactive learning programs; enhance student, parent and community relations; and streamline areas such as schedules, course registration and tuition payments. Your Inter-Tel Authorized Providers can assist you in determining the best solution for your education environment. Additionally, Inter-Tel’s National, Government and Education Accounts division is available to assist in the design of complete solutions for schools looking to improve communications or to open its doors to the community and the world.

Improving Business Processes

- Increase security in classrooms

- Enhance parent and teacher relations

- Enable new methods of communication

- Improve overall efficiency while reducing costs

- Facilitate mobility in a campus environment

- Invest in a communications solution that is scalable and flexible

- Implement flexible Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions customized to address your unique needs

Primary and secondary schools can:

- Send outbound messages to parents notifying them of student absenteeism or school closures—increasing parent awareness

- Increase fundraising results with inbound or outbound messages about pledge drives and upcoming events

- Streamline office operations by enabling the parents and students to order tickets for school and athletic events via phone

- Implement grade and homework hotlines—strengthening parent awareness and student participation

Colleges and universities can:

- Enable students to register for courses, make payments and access grades

- Check the status of admission applications, request transcripts and more

- Permit students and the community to purchase tickets for events via phone

- Access a student or department directory—immediately connecting to the appropriate person or group

Create a real-time environment that facilitates learning and exchange of important information and ideas using Inter-Tel Enterprise® Conferencing

- Conveniently present information in real-time to school board members, teachers and employees—reducing travel expenses and improving group synergy

- Quickly conference key personnel when emergency situations or important matters occur

- Record conferences for security and quality assurances purposes

Implement a full-featured, flexible communications system that can address your requirements:

- Reduce toll charges by networking locations or campuses together

- Increase security by implementing wireless, IP or digital phones in the classroom

- Facilitate the mobility of employees and on-the-go staff with wireless endpoints

- Improve parent/teacher relations through voice mail and classroom phones

- Set Do-Not-Disturb (DND) messages on classroom phones to reduce distractions while class is in session—sending calls straight to voice mail

- Record conversations for peace of mind or for later reference

Inter-Tel offers numerous solutions that improve business processes. Please visit our Applications page to view other offerings.

National, Government and Education Accounts Division
Additionally, Inter-Tel’s National, Government, and Education Accounts division (NGEA) services and supports educational institutions throughout the United States, offering the full line of Inter-Tel advanced communications solutions to its customers.

Inter-Tel NGEA offers comprehensive and flexible support programs including consulting, superior technical solutions and financial planning, as well as:
- Carefully planned installations with team on-site supervision

- Detailed Scopes of Work approved by you

- Project Management to bring all vendors and all activities to a successful conclusion, milestone by milestone

- Service Management to personally assure the service levels we guarantee

- Adds, moves and changes anywhere in two to five days

- Invoices as you need them and want them

- A menu of maintenance plans customized around your needs and budget, aimed at protecting your investments

Contact NGEA
Inter-Tel NGEA
4310 East Cotton Center Blvd., Building A, Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85040
Phone: 1-800-395-9866 or 1-602-302-8900

To request service, or an add, move, or change, use our NGEA Service Request Form.