Inter-Tel Technologies

Financial Services Communications Platform

In an ever-increasing effort to expand market share, financial services providers are offering a distinct value to their clients through a broad spectrum of products and services. Today’s clients demand immediate access to their account information, personalized products and services, and advanced technology solutions that satisfy their financial needs. As a single-source communications provider, Inter-Tel can help financial services providers accomplish their unique business goals.

Improving Business Processes
- Differentiate from the competition by offering value-added, convenient client or member services

- Increase the productivity of your staff

- Make informed business decisions based on vital real-time statistics

- Reduce business expenses and streamline operations

- Facilitate the mobility of traveling or home-office employees

Offer your customers value-added services by implementing flexible Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications, tailored to address your unique business needs:
- Access account information; transfer funds; check balances; reset passwords; order statements and checks; locate branches and connect to a live account representative

- Conduct stock trades; listen to current stock prices and the latest financial news

- Obtain account balances and make payments using a credit card

- Set up a 401K; elect funds; determine contributions; and obtain information about company matching programs, rules and regulations

Optimize employee and business performance, as well as enhance customer service levels with flexible real-time and historical reporting tools
- Increase employee productivity and facilitate exceptional customer service with real-time extension, agent and key group performance statistics

- Improve business operations and performance by reviewing historical reports for analysis and forecasting

- Minimize revenue loss by reviewing unreturned, abandoned calls for business recovery

- Service calls efficiently and promptly by automatically screen popping vital client information

- Improve agent training and enhance quality assurance efforts with silent monitor and recording capabilities

Create a real-time enterprise environment—connecting your business to dispersed employees, vendors, partners and clients using Inter-Tel Enterprise® Conferencing Web collaboration tool:
- Keep distributed sales forces, employees, partners and consultants informed of the latest product and service offerings; company information; policies and procedures; or upcoming events

- Present current stock performance charts and data to clients who are unable to meet in person—expanding your service offerings

- Relay key corporate news to industry analysts and members of the press

- Develop sales opportunities via lead generation activities such as Webinars

- Set up billing or project codes associated with any call for accurate client billing

Provide your associates with Inter-Tel Unified Communicator® software, a flexible tool that enables them to manage their communications from anywhere:
- Create simple routing rules to ensure you receive urgent calls no matter where you are; or route lower priority calls to voice mail or a coworker for immediate attention when you’re unavailable

- Record customized greetings for particular clients, partners, consultants or employees when you’re traveling or unable to answer calls

- Enable or disable routing rules and initiate calls via speech recognition or touchtone when you’re on the move

- Inform office staff of your presence availability (e.g., at lunch, out of the office, in a meeting until 4:00)

- Access your address book and speed-dial clients and contacts addressing business matters quickly

Inter-Tel offers numerous solutions that improve business processes. Please visit our Applications page to view other offerings.