Inter-Tel Technologies

Government Communications Platform

Inter-Tel’s National, Government, and Education Accounts division (NGEA) services and supports the federal government and its agencies; and state, municipal and local governments throughout the United States, offering the full line of Inter-Tel advanced communications systems and solutions to its customers.

Inter-Tel’s NGEA division has furnished solutions and support to Federal agencies and organizations for more than 30 years. Inter-Tel’s product expertise embraces the needs of government entities as pressure mounts to optimize performance, reduce costs, increase and hasten access to data, and provide more “customer friendly” customer service to and for tax payers.

Whether the challenge is servicing existing, or planning new infrastructure; or adding multimedia technology with Web access; enhancing network infrastructure; or adding enhanced call management through contact centers to improve responsiveness to the public, Inter-Tel offers the right solutions to meet government and agency requirements.

Inter-Tel NGEA offers comprehensive and flexible support programs including consulting, superior technical solutions and financial planning, as well as:

- Carefully planned installations with team on-site supervision

- Detailed Scopes of Work approved by you

- Project Management to bring all vendors and all activities to a successful conclusion, milestone by milestone

- Service Management to personally assure the service levels we guarantee

- Adds, moves and changes anywhere in two to five days

- Invoices as you need them and want them

- A menu of maintenance plans customized around your needs and budget, aimed at protecting your investments

Contact NGEA
Inter-Tel NGEA
4310 East Cotton Center Blvd., Building A, Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85040
Phone: 1-800-395-9866 or 1-602-302-8900