Inter-Tel Technologies

Health Care Communications Platform

Providing the best possible care to your patients is imperative for your practice. Streamlined operations and convenient patient offerings can help your practice improve the patient experience. Health care companies have used Inter-Tel applications to effectively reduce overhead expenses, mobilize medical staff with collaborative tools, and reach more patients with streamlined front office solutions, while delivering exceptional care.

Improving Business Processes
Decide when, where and how you can be reached
Increase your level of care, not your payroll
Maximize the productivity of your resources
Stay in touch when you’re out
Connect and streamline multiple locations
Run your practice for optimum productivity

Be there for those who need you the most with Inter-Tel Unified Communicator® software

- Automatically forward routine or non-emergency calls to a receptionist, nurse, hygienist or whoever’s on call

- Receive urgent calls from patients, radiology, labs or staff—no matter where you are and from the communications device of your choice (PDA, cell phone, etc.)

- Enable or disable routing rules, initiate calls and record customized greetings for individual callers via speech recognition when you’re on the move

- Inform your staff of your availability (at lunch, out of the office, Do-Not-Disturb)

- Place calls; conference other health care professionals; and record calls for security and quality assurance purposes

- Access your address book and speed-dial patients, the lab or other physicians

Enable your mobile staff to receive and initiate communications while on the go with Inter-Tel Model 8601

- Receive and initiate calls from your PocketPC while mobile within your facility’s 802.11b environment

- Access convenient phone system features such as hold, transfer, forward and conference

- Speed-dial other medical professionals, the lab or the pharmacy in critical situations; view a call log of missed calls; access contact information and quickly retrieve voice mail messages

- Increase the level of service you provide by quickly responding to patient needs

Offer your patients convenient services and access to information 24/7 by deploying Applications Platform: IVR or custom solutions

- Offer 24/7 access to directions, office hours and on-call staff information

- Enable patients to access important information about their procedures, exams and tests using Biometric Speech Verification

- Enhance the wellness of your patients by ensuring they receive regular reminders of check-ups and exams

- Enable patients to retrieve their lab results—freeing up your busy staff

Improve the productivity of your front office staff and improve the patient experience with Attendant Console software

- Free-up more time for your front office staff to attend to business or patient matters
- Process calls quickly—initiate, answer, transfer, hold, mute, forward, conference calls—with the click of a mouse, keyboard or touch screen

- Provide a superior experience for your patients—reduce hold times and offer real-time information about the people they are calling

- View call statistics to find out the number of calls handled or average processing times to gauge employee efficiency

Inter-Tel offers numerous solutions that improve business processes. Please visit our Applications page to view other offerings.