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Manufacturing Communications Platform

The manufacturing sector faces many challenges in today’s economy. Improving time-to-market; reducing operational costs; effective training and safety; and ensuring that employees, customers, distributors and suppliers around the globe remain synchronized are imperative to maintaining an efficient productivity schedule. Inter-Tel offers flexible communications solutions for manufacturers that streamline business operations; improve collaboration among individuals, teams, customers and suppliers; and enhance customer service levels.

Improving Business Processes
- Always be available to communicate when you ’re away from the office

- Increase customer loyalty and service

- Differentiate yourself from the competition

- Make effective business decisions

- Facilitate the mobility of on-the-go staff such as warehouse and plant employees

Enable your mobile staff to receive and initiate communications while on the go with Inter-Tel Model 8524, Model 8525, Model 8664 and Model 8665 wireless solutions

- Receive and initiate calls while mobile within the warehouse, factory or other facilities

- Decrease production delays by connecting mobile supervisors to staff, customers, vendors and maintenance personnel

- Offer faster, more accurate order processing by keeping personnel connected in real-time

- Address demanding environmental requirements with durable, industrial-grade wireless endpoints

Offer your customers convenient services and streamline operations by implementing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications

- Increase employee productivity by eliminating the need for administrative staff to answer repetitive questions or process routine calls

- Provide your customers with 24/7 access to information and services

- Reduce the need to add customer support staff for peak hours

- Route calls to the appropriate personnel or department

Enhance customer service levels and optimize employee and business performance, using flexible real-time and historical reporting tools

- Increase employee productivity and facilitate exceptional customer service with real-time extension, agent and key group performance statistics

- Improve business operations and performance by reviewing historical reports for analysis and forecasting

- Minimize revenue loss by reviewing unreturned, abandoned calls for business recovery

- Handle calls efficiently and promptly by automatically screen popping vital customer information

- Improve training and enhance quality assurance efforts with silent monitor and recording capabilities

Create a real-time enterprise environment—connecting your business to dispersed employees, customers and suppliers using Inter-Tel Enterprise® Conferencing Web collaboration tool

- Quickly conference customers when schedules or product development cycles change

- Simultaneously view presentations, spreadsheets and other business documents with conference participates

- Keep distributed sales forces and employees informed of the latest product and service offerings, company information, policies and procedures, or upcoming events
- Set up billing or project codes associated with any call for accurate client billing

Inter-Tel offers numerous solutions that improve business processes. Please visit our Applications page to view other offerings.