Inter-Tel Technologies

National Companies Communications Platform

Inter-Tel’s National, Government, and Education Accounts division (NGEA) services and supports the nation’s largest commercial companies throughout the United States, offering the full line of Inter-Tel advanced communications systems and solutions to its customers.

Whether the challenge is servicing existing, or planning new infrastructure; adding multimedia technology with Web access; enhancing network infrastructure; or adding enhanced call management through contact centers to improve responsiveness to the customers, Inter-Tel has the solutions to partner with major nation-wide or regional companies to meet their unique enterprise requirements.

Inter-Tel NGEA offers comprehensive and flexible support programs including consulting, superior technical solutions and financial planning, as well as:

- Carefully planned installations with team on-site supervision

- Detailed Scopes of Work approved by you

- Project Management to bring all vendors and all activities to a successful conclusion, milestone by milestone

- Service Management to personally assure the service levels we guarantee

- Adds, moves and changes anywhere in two to five days

- Invoices as you need them and want them

- A menu of maintenance plans customized around your needs and budget, aimed at protecting your investments

Contact NGEA
Inter-Tel NGEA
4310 East Cotton Center Blvd., Building A, Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85040
Phone: 1-800-395-9866 or 1-602-302-8900