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Real Estate Communications Platform

Running a successful brokerage is more time-consuming and complicated than ever before. Accessing and providing information quickly and conveniently, from anywhere, anytime, is imperative to closing more deals and expanding your market share. In the time-critical, competitive world of real estate, earning client loyalty and maintaining a steady flow of new referrals from satisfied sellers and buyers contributes directly to your success.

Improving Business Processes
- Enable your agents and clients to access listing information 24/7

- Maximize agent availability

- Facilitate the mobility of your agents

- Connect multiple branches and agents who work from home

- Strengthen your prospects for new listings and new buyers

- Offer value-added services that will expand your market share

Help your agents manage their communications with ease with Inter-Tel Unified Communicator® software

- Create simple routing rules to make sure you receive urgent calls from clients, other agents and mortgage brokers—no matter where you are and from the communications device of your choice (PDA, cell phone, etc.)

- Record customized greetings for particular clients to tell them about a new property on the market or the status of their deal when you’re unavailable to answer calls

- Enable or disable routing rules and initiate calls via speech recognition or touchtone when you’re on the move

- Inform office staff of your presence status (at lunch, out of the office, at open house)

Facilitate real-time collaboration with Inter-Tel Enterprise® Conferencing:

- Customize a listing presentation for a particular client who may not be able to meet in person or who lives out of town

- Share marketing materials created for clients who are in the process of selling their houses, via any Web browser

- Record conversations for future reference

- Respond to client needs quickly and easily

Implement flexible Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications, tailored to address your unique business needs:
- Provide a convenient way for clients to learn about homes or properties by entering or speaking the MLS number or address

- Allow clients the opportunity to have a realtor call them back to learn more

Implement a communications platform designed to address your specific business requirements

- Deploy IP, wireless, digital and analog when and where it’s right for your business

- Choose from a variety of feature-rich, scalable platforms

- Protect your investment as technology evolves and your organization's needs change

- Increase employee productivity and customer service levels

- Bring employees closer together for a simpler, more collaborative environment

Inter-Tel offers numerous solutions that improve business processes. Please visit our Applications page to view other offerings.