Babya bSuite

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Babya bSuite includes the below applications:
word processing,spreadsheets,databases,slideshows and albums,web and RSS browsing,image editing,word translations,accounting software,web site creation ,audio playback/conversion.

-Babya E-Type features-Babya E-Type is a word processor/script or programmer's editor with an incredible sense of style.

-Some of the features of Babya E-Type are:
Opens and saves text, Visual Basic .bas/module files (also can open other programming code files, eg. .asp, *.php or .html) and RTF files and the common .rtf format.

Babya bSheet:Excel style spreadsheetCan use more than 1 worksheet in a file,Easy to use,Just the basics.

Comparable to QuickBooks New User Edition,Many small businesses don't need a complex package.-Includes customer management, invoicing and simple inventory management,Secure, multi-user login,Available standalone and in bSuite.

Uses a editable database.

Babya bDesign lets you integrate elements created in other Babya bSuite applications.

Stylish interface,Included with bSuite or available separately.
Comes with HTML page templates.

Outstanding Features-real time preview editing environment,HTML code editor with syntax highlighting,Dynamic action when editing your page,many cool functions.

bLogo includes an amazing and mind boggling 166 backgrounds and textures-fancy that!

Primarily for bLogo, but we thought many of you don't want to use bLogo.Pack-Volume 1:Textures and Backgrounds.

Use them in any application, as desired.There will be addiitional volumes released throught 2005.