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EvaluateAnywhere Community Edition 1.03

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Deploy a Trial version of your software in minutes, with Trinity Software, LLC's EvaluateAnywhere™ rapid application integration development technologies.

The following EvaluateAnywhere™ technologies are available for rapid application integration for your Sun J2SE 1.4.x, and 1.5.x (Java 5) Java runtime environment based applications, in any combination with no programming required:

* Automatic Software Update - Send product enhancements and bug fixes automatically to product users worldwide.

* Software Messaging - Support sending messages to application users worldwide, in multiple languages.

* Timed Evaluation - try the product, before you buy functionality.

* Payment Processing - Accept credit card payments directly through your Java application.

* Registration Codes - Integrate software evaluation with unlock registration/activation code support.

* E-mail Opt-In /Autoresponder - Integrate web based E-mail Opt-In support, for automated E-mail marketing.

How it works:

EvaluateAnywhere™ Project Wizard

Deploy a Trial version of your software in minutes with the EvaluateAnywhere™ Project Wizard. The EvaluateAnywhere™ Project Wizard can create a simple EvaluateAnywhere™ Distribution Client in 6 to 13 steps, depending on the features that are chosen to be distributed in the EvaluateAnywhere™ Distribution Client.

EvaluateAnywhere™ Advanced Designer

The EvaluateAnywhere™ Advanced Designer is for customizing your EvaluateAnywhere™ Distribution Client Java packages. You can assign, and configure different Features, design the Graphical User Interface Look & Feel, specify User Interface Strings, configure Localizations, define and configure web based service providers, build your EvaluateAnywhere™ Distribution Client, and much more. The following technologies are available for rapid application integration for your Java application in any combination with no programming knowledge using the EvaluateAnywhere™ Designer, to build a customized Java based EvaluateAnywhere™ Distribution Client:

* Automatic Software Update
* Software Messaging
* Timed Evaluation
* Payment Processing
* Registration Codes
* E-mail Opt-In /Autoresponder