Contact Center Solutions

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Indosoft Inc., Contact Management Suite (CMS) is a perfect blend of Web based CRM with a flexible and robust Agent Interface, open but fully customizable Database, excellent Outbound Dialer and a sophisticated Inbound Automatic Call Distributor. It comes with a best of breed PBX with in-built Voice Recording and Interactive Voice Response as well as the very best Live Report, that automation can provide.

Completely customizable campaigns
Flexible agent interface with on-demand scripting capabilities
Open-ended, open source database design
Soft Dialer, capable of functioning in Predictive, Preview, Agent Ready and Power dialing mode.
Extensive and customizable Queues for Inbound
Ability to stay in the Queue without staying connected to the line
Real-time agent and campaign reporting
Integrated CTI platform to provide IVR and Voice Recording
Comprehensive integration (email, fax, voice-mail and MS Office)
Agent Interface
The Agent interface is Web based and intuitive. Every time an agent handles a call, the Computer Telephony Interface (CTI) will provide an instant screen pop-up with all the required information from the customer database using Dialed Number Identification (DNIS) information. This is completely customized to suit the client, CRM requirements. In the case of Outbound Dialing, the agent will have the name and required client information before the 1st ‘hello'. All callbacks can be set using convenient the GUI capable of taking the guessing game out of time zone and Daylight savings time. A confirmation letter, fax, email or invoice can be immediately generated based on preset formats and sent out as a follow-up. Voice Recording is an inherent part of the system that can be enabled depending on the business requirements. In an Inbound campaign with the Indosoft CMS, call routing based on client business requirements can be very easily implemented using parameters like Skills, Quota, DID, Geography, etc.

The Indosoft CMS database is a comprehensive Contact Management database capable of seamless interface with customer database information. This database can work standalone or merge with the Customer's existing Client database. This database is available in standard open source platforms like MySQL or Postgres as well as Oracle . It can be ported to other RDBMS like SQL-server with relative ease.

The Indosoft Dialer is capable of functioning in Predictive, Preview, Agent Ready or Power Dialer mode. It is a soft Dialer capable of VoIP (SIP, H323, IAX) and PSTN (ISDN PRI) interface, to the telephone network.

With virtually unlimited capacity to add and scale inbound queues, the system can provide automatic call distribution based on Skills, Quota, DID, DNIS and other factors established by the business. The switch is capable of generating Network busy to re-route calls during off-hours. It can also provide virtual Queues that will permit callers to hang-up and still be in the Queue. The system will dial-out and bridge it to the available agent at the appropriate time. The Indosoft automatic call distributor can,

Improve productivity by routing the call to the agent queue with the right information. It can route calls based on sophisticated customer-defined business rules.

Provide complete flexibility to divide customers into projects for personalized service experience.

Use the in-built Interactive Voice Response in the Inbound Platform to maximize efficiency.

Use the sophisticated PBX network busy signaling and customize the Queues to provide load balancing of customer contacts across multiple contact center sites, even if they are geographically apart, to create an unified contact center for the business.

Real time Do not Call Blocking
The Indosoft Inc. customer premise real time Do Not Call blocking system is an excellent way to ensure compliance with Federal, State, and company Do Not Call requirements. Find out more details about our Do not Call Blocking solution>>

The system provides a comprehensive set of Administrative Interface allowing Managers to fully control the contact center with ease.

Web. Based Administrative screens for management consoles
Instant Listen-in to any conversation without detection
Creating Templates in MS Word for downloading to the system
Live Call Statistics
Live Agent Reports
Production Statistics
Total customization for complete business needs
Indosoft solution uses the best of breed PBX that is feature rich, stable and versatile, and provides the best connectivity to the telecom network. In reality, it's a lot more than a PBX and can also function as a media server, a protocol gateway, and a conference bridge