Hosted and Remote Call center

Indosoft provides technology for hosted Contact Centers, also popularly known Contact Center On-Demand, with a complete, unified, multi-tenant contact center suite that includes ACD, IVR, CTI, Predictive dialing, Recording and a complement of powerful management tools.

Remote agents connected to a centralized infrastructure can also use this same application suite. One such installation has been listed as a part of a case study .

True contact center on-demand, with multi-tenancy
Accepts both PSTN and VoIP
Integrates all channels like Voice, Chat and E-mail
Complete Call center solution - IVR, ACD, Web-enabled, Recording, Reporting, Predictive dialing and complete Management tools.
Integrates with other CRM systems
Customizable and available for Branded solution
Reliable platform
Typical Use
Network and Hosted solution providers can offer this as a new service
Call center with remote agents
Please refer to the Contact center solutions. All components of the Contact center solution are available for the hosted solution.

Network Requirements
Depending on the nature of the hosted or remote call center, our technicians will be able to design the most suitable network. Adequate bandwidth will be one of the determining factors in the design of the network.

Hosted and remote call centers offer distinct advantages. For the service provider, its multi-tenancy model provides the ability to optimize the use of the infrastructure, resulting in faster cost recovery. Branding allows the Host to develop a market presence without investing heavily on R&D. For small call centers, being a part of the hosted solution offers lesser investment in infrastructure. It also provides relief from being tied into telecom leases for PSTN lines. It minimizes the need for production IT Support. Remote call centers are attractive in certain geographic locations. They are similar to hosted call centers. The Organization maintains the infrastructure in a central location. All remote agents who work for the Organization are tied to the center by some form of High Speed Internet.