Indosoft Dialer

What is a Predictive Dialer?
Typical Use of the Predictive Dialer?
What are the typical applications for Predictive Dialers?
What are the features of Predictive Dialers?
Preview, Agent Ready and Power Dialing

Indosoft Dialer

The Indosoft Dialer is an open-standard open-architecture switch and comes with a full suite of Database, List-management, Scripting and Administrative console. It connects to Open source databases like MySQL, Postgres as well as proprietary databases like Oracle. It runs on one of the most stable CTI telephony platforms with a Soft-switch that provides a feature rich PBX and call routing. The Dialer can be set to run in Agent Ready, Power and Preview Dialing mode as well.

The Dialer is designed to comply with the FCC requirements for outbound dialing. It's real time Do Not Call List enforcement will protect the user from violating the Federal and State Do Not Call List. It also enforces time of the day calling thereby restricting the calling to normal calling hours.

The Indosoft Dialer connects to the Public Telephone network (PSTN) using a PRI (T1) or a VoIP interface (SIP, H323 or IAX). With VoIP connectivity to PSTN, an assured bandwidth is essential for every voice conversation and it can be optimized using compression CODECs.


The Dialer is flexible enough to align the outbound dialing closely with the objectives of the customer.

Predictive, Agent Ready, Preview or Power Dialing
Soft Dialer (VoIP driven) or Regular Dialer (PSTN PRI Driven)
Ability to Monitor Lead performance and change leads on the Fly
Real time Call blocking of the DNC List
Enforcement of Time of the Day regulation
Enforcement of Quota Based Dialing
Live Report
Dialer Console to adjust the speed and know channel utilization
Monitor Agent and Line performance
Connection within milliseconds, Assured to hear the 1st ‘Hello'
Ability to Listen
Ability to have the client information at the time of connection
Setup multiple simultaneous Campaigns, each campaign can be Predictive or Agent Ready
Predictive Dialing

Predictive dialing is a very efficient method of outbound calling where the Dialer locates a live client before handing the call over to the agent. Indosoft Inc. offers one of the most advanced dialing systems capable of connecting to the agent at the shortest time. This Dialer is optimized to minimize the wait time of agents between live calls, thereby dramatically increasing the contact rate and talk time for every agent, resulting in increased productivity. With a single PRI's 23 telephone lines, the dialer can keep anywhere between 10 to 14 agents talking, with an average wait of less than 20 seconds, while staying under the prescribed FCC drop-rate.

The Predictive Dialer is driven by Indosoft Contact Management System CRM capable of running multiple campaigns and can operate very efficiently with as low as 3 or 4 agents working at a time on a single campaign. Its self-pacing control loop optimizes the wait time to produce high contact rate. Excellent management console is available to view, analyze and manage the performance of campaigns, leads and individual agents.

Typical Use

An outbound campaign will attempt to successfully connect the agent with a live person at the other end of the phone line. Manual dialing wastes considerable time weeding out the No-Answer, Busy, disconnect etc., and also consumes time and energy for the agent to Dial. The contact rate is poor and the ‘talk to' duration is often less than 15 minutes in an hour. With the Predictive Dialer, the contact rate will jump dramatically because the Dialer will dial more lines than the total number of agents at any given time. In a typical scenario, the ‘talk to' time will be in excess of 40 minutes in a hour. The agent consumes the remaining time in the successful wrap-up of the calls.

Typical Applications

Customer Service calls
Mass Notifications
Preview Dialing

Preview dialing is when the agent chooses the calls to make. Usually the agent will have a screen with the list of numbers to call and will click a button to place a call. The agent will have ability to look at the complete client data and wrap up the call after the disposition of the call and go back to the main screen.

Agent Ready Dialing

Agent Ready Dialing is similar to Predictive dialing except that the number of calls placed will always equal the number of agents. This will ensure that no live call is ever dropped. The system will also wrap-up the busy and no-answer terminations.

Power Dialing

Power Dialing is when the ratio of the number of available agents to the number of available lines is set to a constant. This can either lead to a number of live calls being dropped or insufficient talk time.