Do Not Call Blocker

Indosoft Real time Call Blocking Solution (Do Not Call Blocker)
Indosoft Inc. offers real-time Call Blocking for Organizations engaged in mass outbound marketing campaigns. Organizations making calls to consumers living in United States using the telephone require the Indosoft DO NOT CALL BLOCKER to comply with Federal and State Do not Call (DNC) requirements. Indosoft's real-time Do Not Call Blocker Equipment are customer premise full featured PBXs. They connect to the Local Telecom network through ISDN PRI, T1 and VoIP. The PBX comes with optional channel banks or ATAs (analog terminal adapters) for Analog phone interface or POTS line interface. They are capable of working in conjunction with other PBXs as well. The PBXs can be configured to provide call routing, IVR and voice recording as well as many additional features. Indosoft Inc. provides complete installation and support.

The Do Not Call Blocker screens every out going call against the do not call list in real time and blocks those that are on the list. This empowers the organization with an automated do not call compliance solution. Organizations with geographically distributed offices can use this network-based solution for automatic management and daily updates of DNC Lists. This DNC solution comes with a unique database to handle permission and owner lists.

Indosoft provides

Private labeling options for re-sellers
Extended service and support by Indosoft technical support team. (7 days a weeks, 9 a.m. EST to 9 p.m. PST)
Software upgrades to enable new features on the PBX, when available.
Real time blocking at the time of the call
Checking against the complete list 80 million or more records in a fraction of a second
Customizable list, permissions and existing customer exemptions
Call tracking and reporting - complete log of all calls made
Instantaneous remote update of list
Full featured PBX
Telephone network interface through T1, ISDN PRI, Analog POTS or VoIP
Web based scheduling and email notification
Compatible with all telephones, key systems, PBXs and predictive dialers.
Options for standard and customized "blocked number" messages.
Agents can update the list, real time.