Indosoft Recording

Recording Solutions
The versatile feature rich Indosoft Recording solution is a powerful way to document and listen to your organization's telephone conversations. It can record and convert the conversation into different media format for transmission and storage. The Voice recording can be converted to popular formats like WAV and MP3 and played back from a normal desktop. Live listening of a conversation (Snoop) is also available for Organizations who need to listen to a conversation as it's happening. The system will let you listen or playback either through the phone system or through a web-screen. The recording can be activated based on any number of parameters either at the management level or at the customer service level.

Typical use of Recording Solutions
For any Business with customer interaction over phone lines, Voice recording can be an effective tool for training. Sometimes, Live conversations between customer service representatives and clients are also used in training. The Indosoft Recording solution provides for both of these options. For some, the business requirements might mandate that all calls be recorded for record keeping and archival purposes. The recording solution can record, disseminate and archive conversations based on set business requirements as well. It can also be used for transcription purposes, where both sides of the conversation can be recorded individually and played back.

Recording Customer Service Representative conversations
Playback through phone or Computer
Select and sort all recordings made based on parameters
View recordings and Listen
Archive recordings
Listen to Live conversations (Visible and Invisible mode)
Store and Transport in popular formats like MP3 and WAV
Transport calls and recordings over VoIP to geographically distant location
Manage multiple recording configurations
Send a recording as an e-mail attachment
Multi-line, multi party recording for Transcription
Purchase options
This system is a cost-effective solution for call recording based on T1, PRI VoIP and Analog PSTN connectivity to TELCO. Our technicians will configure the best configuration for your business need that fits into your budget.