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Tai'an Zhonghui Plant Biochemical Co.,Ltd.

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Tai'an Zhonghui Plant Biochemical Co.,Ltd.



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all kinds of plant extracts,herb extracts and botanical extracts
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We are one of the leading manufacturer of plant extracts,herb extracts and botanical extracts in China. We can supply all kinds of standardized extracts and ratioed extracts.

1) Astragalus Plant Extract-----Astragaloside IV 0.3-10% Min (HPLC-ELSD)
Astragalus Polysacchrides 40-80% Min (UV)
2) Loquat Leaves Extract-----Ursolic acid 25-98% Min (HPLC)
3) Paeoniflorin------20-95% Min (HPLC)
4) Resveratrols------50-98% Min (HPLC)
5) Andrographolide-----5%-98% Min (HPLC)
6) Dehydroandrographolide----5-15% Min (HPLC)
7) Artemisinin----99% Min (HPLC)
8) Triptolide---0.3-0.6% Min (HPLC)
Triptolide----99% Min (HPLC)
9) Rhodiola Sachalinensis Plant Extract----Salidroside 1-4% Min (HPLC)
Rosavins 1-4% Min (HPLC)
10) Lycorine 99% Min (HPLC)
11) Galantamine 98% Min (HPLC)
12) Galantamine Hydrobromide 99% Min (HPLC)
13) Huperzine 5-99% Min (HPLC)
14) Red Clover Plant Extract----Isoflavone 50% Min (UV)
15) Cynara Scolymus Plant Extract----Cynarin 2-5% Min (HPLC)
16) Magnolia Plant Extract------Magnolol+Honokiol 30-95% Min (HPLC)
17) Soybean Plant Extract----Total Isoflavone 40% Min (UV)
18) Echinaeca Plant Extract-----Phenolics 4% Min (UV)
Cichoric acid 4% Min (HPLC)
19) Angelica Dongquai Extract----Ligustilide 1% Min (HPLC)
20) Gotu Kola Plant Extract-----Asiatic acid 95% Min (HPLC)
Asiaticoside 40% Min (HPLC)
Asiaticoside+madecassoide 40-80% Min (HPLC)
Madecassoide 95% Min (HPLC)
21) Magiferin 80% Min (HPLC)
22) Gymnema Plant Extract----Gymnemic acid 25% Min (HPLC)
23) Kudzu Plant Extract----Isoflavone 40% Min (UV)

ATTN: Robert Ai
TEL: 86-538-7506189 FAX: 86-538-7513518
Tai'an Zhonghui Plant Biochemical Co.,Ltd

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