dhtmlxTree - JavaScript Navigation Component

Price: $99.00
dhtmlxTree is a JavaScript navigation component that helps to create a tree-based navigation system and put large amount of data in hierarchical order. Light-weight, high-performance, having clear and comfortable API, well documented this JavaScript tree menu is highly useful for representation of data in commercial applications or on your web site. dhtmlxTree is compatible with all main Web-browsers for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or Unix.
Dynamical loading of items from XML gives a possibility to satisfy client's requirements to display really huge amounts of data fetched from database. This JavaScript component has advanced XML processing that provides fast loading of trees with thousands of nodes.
You can customize "look and feel" of the tree to suit best your needs - use font style & color and icons design to create your unique style. Powerful component API allows you to control it at runtime.
Drag-n-drop functionality greatly simplifies tree usage. You can freely drag tree items within one tree, between trees, between frames.
This DHTML tree has checkbox system in order to use this component as a navigation bar with selection lists. Besides usual two-state checkboxes (checked item, unchecked item), there is a possibility to use three state checkboxes with "partly-checked" value (some sub-items are checked).
Built-in context menu allows you to create user-friendly navigation interface by putting most necessary commands inside this menu and attaching it to the whole tree, group of items or individual item. If you want to add some explanations to tree nodes, you can use tool tips.
The tree state can be saved/restored in a cookie so when user visits the page next time, he finds the tree in the same state he left it.
dhtmlxTree has search functionality, possibility to use multi-line tree items, support of server-side technologies (Cold Fusion, ASP.NET) and other useful features.
dhtmlxTree is free for non-commercial use. Source code is available for download on dhtmlxTree Home Page.