Rapid-Fill™ Automated Syringe Filler

Designed for speed and accuracy, the Rapid-Fill ASF automates the process of sterile syringe filling, capping and labeling in a pharmacy hood. The Rapid-Fill was designed to meet a market need of 360 million small volume parental doses administered each year in the US. The Rapid-Fill ASF needs no preventive maintenance and is designed to minimize cleaning requirements. Its cover maximizes laminar flow to ensure fluid-path sterility and maintain integrity during the cap removal, fill and capping process. Rapid-Fill Disposables are latex-free and non-DEHP for patient safety. Approximately one million syringes are used for intermittent small-volume IV infusion each day in US healthcare - including hospital and homecare use. In addition, large volumes of syringes are used for chemotherapy and patient-controlled analgesia. The Rapid-Fill ASF streamlines the pharmacy fluid-handling process through automation.