ABO Software Private Limited

ABO Software Private Limited

EDISPHERE - XML/EDI Data Translation Suite

ABO Software's suite of any-to-any data translation products is called EDISPHERE, which includes three products - Translator, Implementor and Collaborator. The products have been developed keeping all EDI implementation phases in mind (the whole-product concept) including the non-standard and proprietary situations, typical of EDI implementations. This has not only resulted in very comprehensive suite of EDI products, but also a high level of reusability among the products.

Following is a brief description of EDISPHERE:-

Translator – Any-to-Any Data Translator
Seamlessly integrates with your business application and helps in mapping live messages in different data formats like X12, EDIFACT, XML, SAP Idocs, Proprietory formats, etc. with your trading partners. It also maps directly to databases. No programming is necessary for integrating Translator with your Business Application.

Implementor – Designer, Mapper and Simulator
Implementor is a very sophisticated product, used for effortlessly creating layout of your business application message and map it to a format agreed with your trading partner. Business rules may be embedded in the layout for validation and mapping. Simulator helps in debugging your mapping and testing your EDI implementation even before your business application and trading partners are ready.

Collaborator – Trading Partner Manager
Collaborator helps in establishing trading partner agreement between the two partners wherein various communication and envelope parameters, which do not form part of the business message, are specified. It is also used for deploying and supporting your EDI implementation remotely.