Avante Security Inc.

Avante Security Inc.


The Tracelet appears as a small jelly-like bracelet, much like the charity bracelets which have become popular over the last two years. These charity bracelets are not cumbersome and commonly worn by children and adults alike. The Tracelet, much like the charity bracelet, is the perfect accessory for a child and can alleviate fears of separation and other occurrences for moms and dads.

“I have yet to meet a parent who hasn’t been separated from their child, even for a moment, either in a store, a park, a fair or even in their own back yard,” says Manny Mounouchos, founder and CEO of Avante Security Inc. “It has happened to me and I can’t remember a time in my life that I felt more anxious, almost panicky.”

What sets the Tracelet apart from all jelly bracelets is the unique code that appears on the inside. This code is registered on the Avante database with information on the Tracelet holder and its caregivers. On the outside of each Tracelet is an emergency toll-free number that will be answered by a licensed crisis management operator.

If someone calls the toll-free number after finding a child wearing a Tracelet, they will be asked for the inside code and verification questions. They will then connect the child’s parent or caregiver to the person on the line. Police can also be informed instantaneously of the whereabouts of the child to initiate necessary action.

Avante Security Inc. will donate 20% of each Tracelet sold and $1.00 per month each year to children’s charities.