Fortitech, Inc.

Custom Nutrient Premixes

Fortitech's nutrient systems are custom designed premixes containing any of a wide variety of nutrients associated with health and wellness – used in the fortification of food, drinks and pharmaceutical products.

Fortitech nutrient systems are no simple blend of ingredients. There is a science to developing the optimum premix for your applications – identifying and achieving desired specifications, selecting proper market forms, ensuring quality and consistency…all without compromising taste or texture in the end product. Fortitech nutrient systems deliver all the critical advantages of working with premixes, plus all the benefits of working with Fortitech.

For nearly two decades, Fortitech has been committed to the human nutrition premix industry. We are still the world’s largest company dedicated to meeting the nutrient premix needs of global manufacturers. We continue to set the standard, and advance the science of fortification.