Figure Series 6 Keyboard Platform

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The Figure 6 Platform allows the user to bring their body closer to the platform surface. This posture allows the user’s arms to hand loosely and naturally parallel to the upper body. The forearms can then be brought comfortably upward to the proper position without extending the arms forward. Many Ergonomists agree that this posture place the least strain on the arms, wrists, and upper body while keying.

The size, shape and placement of the support pads is the result of an extensive collaboration with Ergonomists and Physical Therapists. The support pad design has been thoroughly tested, confirming that they provide a level of comfort and physiological benefit not found in typical wrist supports. The pads, intended to guide the forearms, not the wrists, are nearly twice the thickness of most other wrist support accessories.

This added height more effectively maintains the wrist in the neutral position Ergonomists recommend and helps minimize extension of the wrist. Extension of the wrist and hand is believed to be a key contributor to the development of RSI’s.

The Figure 6 Mousing areas have been carefully developed for both its specific shape and its placement. Ergonomists and Physical Therapists alike feel that the user, when moving a mouse, should do so with their upper arm parallel to the body and the elbow held close to the torso. Unlike other mousing platforms, which may force the user to extend the arms outward to reach for the mouse, the Figure 6 platform allows the user to assume a more natural, less stressful position.

The Figure 6 was designed for both right and left handed users alike. Featuring dual multi-functional surfaces that can be used for almost anything. Use them for mousing, writing and more!

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