Heavy Equipment Unit

Designed specifically for heavy equipment use, the Millennium Plus HEU comes complete with everything you need to begin tracking and monitoring your inventory anywhere in Canada, the United States or Mexico. Be notified immediately if your equipment needs service or is removed from a work site. This unit comes in a shock and impact resistant NMEA weatherproof enclosure.

Location Reporting
- On demand locating and mapping of any heavy or marine equipment from the Internet or any phone

Electronic Fencing
- Electronically lock down your equipment to a predefined area or route. Be notified immediately if your equipment crosses any of these boundaries

Remote Starter Enable / Disable
- Remotely enable or disable your starter

Alarm Reporting
- Notifies you when alarm conditions exist such as ignition state changes, engine overheat or over speed.

Fastest Speed of the day
- Reports today's fastest speed of travel

History Review
- Allows you to pull the units history for up to 90 days

Low Battery Notification
- Reports when your equipment's battery needs servicing

Low-Profile, Rugged Design
- Self contained, hermetically sealed, and made of tough ABS plastic.