Mobile Location Unit

Millennium Plus is a mobile tracking device, stealthily secured inside a vehicle, that enables you to monitor and control many vehicle features. Employing a constellation of satellites, and patented microburst technology - you interface with your vehicle anytime via the Internet, or access reporting and alert functions by email, cell phone, or pager!

Location Reporting
- On demand locating and mapping of any heavy or marine equipment from the Internet or any phone

Electronic Fencing
- Electronically lock down your equipment to a predefined area or route. Be notified immediately if your equipment crosses any of these boundaries

Remote Starter Enable / Disable
- Remotely enable or disable your starter

Alarm Reporting
- Notifies you when alarm conditions exist such as ignition state changes, engine overheat or over speed.

Fastest Speed of the day
- Reports today's fastest speed of travel

History Review
- Allows you to pull the units history for up to 90 days

Low Battery Notification
- Reports when your equipment's battery needs servicing