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Oolong tea is a semi-oxidized tea, occupying the middle ground between green and black teas. Combining the best qualities of green tea and black tea, Oolong Tea is not only as clear and fragrant as GreenTea, but also as fresh and strong as Black Tea. If you drink Oolong tea, the natural aroma may linger in your mouth and make your throat comfortable.

The color appearance of soup is yellow, light yellow or the orange is yellow, leaf one is thin at the leaf the end, the vein is appeared in one's mind; the saw tooth is relatively thick and blunt. Flavor is pure and slightly thin, take the caramel fragrantly.

Oolong Tea is helpful in anti-aging, bringing high blood pressure down, improving immuno-competence, anti-heart-disease etc. Oolong Tea can help you digest food, refresh yourself and sober up. It is also helpful in prolonging your lifespan. To sum up, it is a world-famous natural health drink.

Payment terms: L/C, T/T, D/P at sight
Inner packge:7g-500g per buyer's option
Outside package: Cartons, boxes, iron boxes.

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