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Long Jing (Dragon Well) from xi hu, zhe jiang province of china
Long Jing (Dragon Well) tea is named in accordance with its place of origin, Long Jing (Dragon Well), a village locates at xi hu of zhe jiang province of china. being one of the ten most famous chinese tea, Long Jing (Dragon Well) tea has long been praised of having the four best characteristics of an ideal tea: beautiful in shape, crystal green in color, pleasant in smell and rich and mellow in taste. The best Long Jing (Dragon Well) tea leaf is straight stripe which looks like an orchid s petal and its olive feather of the bud can still be seen. After steeping, the leaves float and open as flowers in the tea, creating a wonderful picture for its drinker. Long Jing (Dragon Well) tea soup is crystal green in color, giving off pleasant smell like jasmine. Its refreshing and sweet taste of Long Jing (Dragon Well) tea is charming and long-lasting.

The teas are described as being "...meticulously manufactured from the youngling buds and the tenderness leaves sprouting in the spring season." (Though, of course, tea is picked there at many times of the year.)

There are many grades of green tea, but all are distinguished by their flat, smooth appearance; emerald green color; fresh, fragrant aroma; and mellow, slightly sweet taste. 

Payment terms: L/C, T/T, D/P at sight
Inner packge:7g-500g per buyer's option
Outside package: Cartons, boxes, iron boxes.

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