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Fucoidan from Brown Seaweed

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Brown Seaweed is the herb of Laminaria japonica Aresch of Laminaria family. Fucoidan (Fucoidin) is a complex polysaccharide composed largely of fucopyranoside and natural sulphate, Fucoidan has trace elements of galactose, xylose, and glucuronic Acid-three different types of sugar molecules. Fucoidan has effects as curing uraemia, chronic nephritis, reducing blood pressure, anti-blood fat, anti-cancer. It is used in chronic inflammation of the bronchia, dropsy. It also can supply many kinds of trace element, strengthen hair and nail, slimming and remove heavy metals in body. As it contains 50% min Alginates, it can generate effective safeguard at appearance of skin, lockup the water and prevent it from losing and then keep moisture. Also it can boost the metabolism of organization under skin and then keep skin white and tender. It is widely used in the fields as pharmacy, health medicine and food and beverage, cosmetics product, etc.

I. Alginates: 50% min;
  Fucoidin: 4% min.
II. Fucoidan 85% min