Ford Cruise Control Repair Kit

Price: $40.00
The Fordfix kit is a relay and control circuit that goes between the battery and the cruise control switch. The relay replaces the switch and is operated by the control circuit and the Cruise control switch. The control circuit is a simple circuit that puts 6-7volts at about 8 microamperes (.0008 amperes) to the switch and when that small signal comes back to the control circuit, it energizes the relay, which then does what the switch originally did. With that low voltage and extremely low current, there is absolutely no chance of a fire.

I originally created this circuit for my father, who owns a 2001 F150, but I figured if I can make these at a reasonable cost, I should help everyone else who owns one of these vehicles also. I am selling the circuits as kits for only $40.00 each, plus shipping. The kits can easily be installed by anyone who can use a soldering iron (I don't believe in using crimp on connectors for reliability reasons), or you can pay your mechanic to install it for you. A professional should be able to install one in less than a half hour. The kit is simple and includes everything needed including detailed instructions, with pictures, and comes with a lifetime warranty as long as the connections are soldered.