Aromatherapy Women's Health

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The oilMD product line of therapeutic grade essential oils is unique. These six blends of oils are designed as aids for the general health and beauty of active women, and the products address many of a woman's important physical needs. The products are the Well Balanced Lady for peri-menopause syndrome, Moroccan Rose Nasal Inhaler for emotional wellness, Romantic Encounters for enhancement of your loving relationship, Thigh Smoother for cellulite management, Bone Balancer for skeletal health, and Appetite Tamer for appetite modifcation. These are non-medicated products which are not intended to replace prescribed medications.

Products are provided in multiple dispenser styles. These products are meant to be used often since physiologically their effect is rapid and short acting. This is due in part to the premixed 10% dilution strength. The nasal aromatherapy inhaler combined with cutaneous application dispensers are designed to achieve enhanced effectiveness via multiple systems of uptake for increased bioavailability. That medspeak translates into a healthy and fun lifestyle. It is never too late to apply naturally derived oils from the plant kingdom.