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TSM Direct
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TSM Direct is a comprehensive, versatile software package, permitting easy use of all direct marketing methods - mailing, telephone contact (inbound response and outbound) and direct sales.

The heart of the system is a central database with common customer and prospect records across all projects or campaigns where records need only be updated once, reducing the likelihood of duplications and providing for a high level of cross-selling and up-selling. This also allows for companies to be listed in a hierarchical way and for related companies e.g. accountants, advertising agencies etc., to be shown against the central record. For publishers used to flat file systems this provides an easy method of updating company name changes

The system provides facilities for managing lists of prospects or customers. Lists can be imported automatically or manually and de-duplicated on entry. Profiling and scoring of customers by any criteria can provide targeting information for prospecting campaigns or regular contact by the sales force.

Telephone Selling, Telemarketing & Direct Mail

TSM Direct gives complete control of the Telesales or Direct Mail function. A contact report is shown for each individual contact made and is a single screen view. The system caters for Time Zone differences to ensure that the operators do not have to work out what the time is at the call destination.

Salespeople can read and update records of contact history whether by telephone, face to face visits or written information and a recall date can be set for further contact. The choice exists to script with full logic, branching scripts or to provide prompts for each user - easily accessed on-line knowledge windows, within the main calling screen, provide help with product knowledge, pricing, features, benefits and answers to objections and the system copes ably and elegantly with the collection and validation of information and automatic preparation of intelligent forms.

The system delivers analysis of sales or marketing performance down to cost per contact, providing information by project, by telesales operator, sales person or by time period, allowing decision making based on information about profitability of the test or campaign. The information can be presented as statistical tables or in graph format showing optimum call times.

Setting up a test project, scheduling regular calls or organising a mailshot is simple. The system will lead supervision, and the user, through all steps necessary to complete contact and analyse the results. The beginning of the task is list selection and purchased lists can be imported automatically or manually. Alternatively, a selection can be made from existing customers or prospect records. The user makes the decision about what analysis is required and sets up a coding system for that call analysis.

For bulk mailshots, personalised letters can be printed, added to the creative pack and mailed (Mailsort is available). The letter copy is stored and for individual mailings a copy of the edited letter is also stored in the database against the customer/prospect records. Where telephone or direct sales follow up is necessary, workload can be automatically allocated to the sales force by the chosen selection - geographic, vertical market or otherwise. Calls can be scheduled by time, date or priority. Field sales appointments are automatically allocated by territory and ownership of leads can be set to ensure credit of sales to the correct person. On line product knowledge is available, this allows capture of the knowledge of the most experienced sales people and making it available to those least experienced.

Market Research - Sales Research or Surveys

The need for strict control on quantitative research is amply catered for by TSM Direct. The full scripting facility allows questionnaires to be completed easily and efficiently - legal answers can be defined to ensure response is properly taken and validated. Text answers are in English rather than numerical code. Report production can provide tables and analysis of the input without the need for programming. Using survey or sales research techniques rather than strict Market Research would allow selection of relevant data for use in a project or campaign as follow-up.

Sales and Service Appointments

If the sales force requires a steady stream of qualified appointments, telephone canvassing is the most cost effective choice. TSM Direct is designed to control the appointment making procedure and lists can be imported manually or automatically, with de-duplication facilities. Equally, other functions such as service teams may also require appointments to be made and the solution fully manages this operation.
Powerful targeting allows selection of prospects from lists with a high degree of accuracy. Using 'Select' and 'Filter' routines dissection of the existing customer list provides a profile of the ideal customer. This provides the criteria to measure the ideal prospect. Each call takes place within the framework of a 'Dialogue Report'. These dialogue reports can be in the form of a scripted conversation, a prompted conversation or free form.

Workload can be scheduled, with recalls automatically joining the work queue at the appointed time. Salespersons diaries are held in the system and if territories are defined (vertical, geographical, national accounts or as you choose), the system can offer the correct salesperson's diary for the prospect, during the call.

Confirmation letters can be automatically produced merging the details of the appointment, the prospect and the salesperson and a full history of calls and appointments is maintained. To assist in reporting, the system can keep track of the entire sales cycle.


Whether these are publicity newsletters, paid subscriptions, or membership fees TSM Direct can support the selling and distribution of information to individual contacts within locations. Issues of publications can be set up and distributed to those on the subscription list and the details of packages and number of copies can be recorded.

Dates are stored to allow the automatic production of welcome, renewal, cancellation and lapsed letters from within the system. In addition, contact reports can be automatically scheduled on the basis of subscriptions information. This allows controlled telephone contact in support of the renewal process. Again, use of common data allows control over address and name change. The ad hoc reporting tools allow reports to be written specifically for the user so number of issues, dates of publication etc can be taken into account.

Event Management

An event could be a series of road shows, a formal training course or full programme of courses, an ad hoc sales seminar or an industry conference - in all cases the event and its individual occurrences are defined and bookings taken against it. Delegates are logged against both the central location record and the event programme. ‘Joining instructions’ or invitations can be produced automatically.

Standard cancellation and transfer charges can be handled and a complete customer history is available for selling further events or progressions of courses. Information on all aspects is stored; who booked the event, the delegate name, the joining instruction address, the venue address, and the event details.
On-line product knowledge provides programme details, features, benefits and objection answers - everything to help your salespeople choose and sell the correct Event.

Customer Relationship Management

Looking after customers is easy when using TSM Direct. Whether the customer call is inbound or outbound, scheduled or ad hoc, TSM Direct can provide elegant handling of the telephone contact, sales representative visit or mailing information.

Again, using common data, calls can be scheduled by date, time, priority, or other criteria. It is possible that the system can be configured to use your existing databases, such as accounts data; in 'read only' mode (i.e. TSM Direct will not modify the accounts records). Security and protection is built-in and the previous history is available for reading and updating.

Where prospects apply for information, or register complaints, data can be collected and intelligent forms produced ready for despatch to the individual. These forms may be as complex as a 290 plus question form with full logic branching scripts or simple enquiries about where a product or service may be purchased.

Intelligent Form Production

If your business depends on customers completing and returning application or information forms, intelligent form production can help. Your customer can receive a personalised form containing all the information required to make the application which simply requires signing and returning. The information on the form is collected in the form of a computerised questionnaire, perhaps by telephone or face to face, then printed out ready for signature. The computerised questionnaire can contain full branching of scripts and validation of answers so that only the relevant questions are asked and accurate information is collected. As your customers are not faced with the tedious task of completing a complicated form, you can expect your turnaround time to be faster - making your offer more attractive than your competitors.

List Building & Maintenance

Making use of TSM Direct as a means of maintaining a list provides a method of ensuring that the list is kept clean, useful and up to date. The fundamental design of the core location record allows lists to be built or selected on any criteria. From holding company to autonomous trading or manufacturing units, company hierarchy can be stored. Relationships of individuals to each other - i.e. Director and Secretary can also be listed. Formal qualifications (e g BA, BSc etc.) can be appended to each contact name and where there are numerous initials to be added to a name, the system will automatically sort these into the correct order. Job titles and generic job functions can be captured to ensure that your mailing hits your target.

On-line searches provide fast access and screens allow all linked entries such as: dialogue reports; mailing list entries; literature requests; appointments made; subscriptions bought; event bookings; event delegates and product usage to be viewed.

System Output

Wherever written correspondence is produced by TSM Direct, the user has the choice of sorting the output together with selecting one or more of the following formats: Complete mail/merged letters, Labels, An ASCII comma delimited data file for analysis and/or import to other products or systems. Where contact with a customer requires follow up in writing, the system will provide a variety of options including the use of hard wired sales literature with attachments taken from a stock controlled supply. Letters can be ‘topped and tailed’ for free format letter writing. Letters can include personalised data collected during the call.

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