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VPMX-2008 is a full-featured video matrix switching control system for use in medium-sized CCTV installations. This system allows users to control a maximum of 256 cameras to 32 video monitors.
The base configuration for this system is made up of a central processing unit (CCU), a matrix switching bay (MXB), and a keyboard controller (KBD). Optional components may be added to enhance system capabilities.

Powerful macro operation allows activation of commonly occurring events, either manually or automatically, based on time of day, day of week, day of year, and alarms. Macros may call system-wide sequences; activate preset positions and auxiliaries on properly equipped cameras; automate VCR control; and activate external relays to turn lights on, lock doors, and control other auxiliary functions. (additional equipment may be required)

VPMX-2008 also includes built-in video loss detection and system diagnostic features. Video loss detection monitors incoming video signals to alert operators of a camera failure. Diagnostic monitor output (VGA) is included to assist in set-up, programming, and troubleshooting.

Optional VCR management allows VCRs to be controlled directly from the system keyboards. VCRs can be monitored for operational conditions ensuring continuous recording.