Bumra Industrial Corporation

Bumra Industrial Corporation

Barbed Wire Making Machinery

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The group of barbed wire with unidirectional twist require take up unit of rotary type and this is placed below the table of the barbing unit and mounted on the stands on which the Bumra barbing unit stands. The necessary transmission of power off the barbing unit is also incorporated.

Take-up unit for the reverse twist Bumra barbed wire as also Mono Barbed wire is same and can be supplied either twin take up or single take up unit. This take up unit is mounted on brackets on the stand at the front end of the Bumra barbed wire unit, the end from which the finished barbed wire emerged. The necessary power transmission of the barbing unit is incorporated.

The Bumra barbed wire making machine has patented devices for adjusting the position of the point wires as well as the position and setting of the twisted head. The devices make the setting of the machine very simple easy and quick.