NorthSeas AMT

NorthSeas Guard E/N - e-mail archiving appliance

Vendor-independent E-mail Archiving Appliance

E-mail archiving is the process of storing e-mail messages in an independent network storage resource for the purposes of knowledge retention and enhanced mail-server performance. E-mail archiving is “Storage Management for E-mail”.

Specifically, better storage management gives corporate messaging systems of any size, two very important features - streamlined e-mail administration and compliance with retention regulations and policies. The NorthSeas Guard E/N is the industries first e-mail archiving appliance to address equally the need for both better email administration and compliance.

The NorthSeas Guard E/N:
·          Adds unlimited storage capacity to any mail server
·          Is an open solution that supports any e-mail application
·          Lets the customer decide what storage system to use as its repository
·          Provides both capture and retrieval functionality, and uses the existing customer e-mail system for both.
·          Easy to deploy, easy to manage, and easy to use.
·          Requires no third-party software or application integration.