Solar Velocity

Content Management System

What is a Content Management System?
A Content Management System (CMS) is an integrated interface for the creation and management of content on a Website. Content Management System allows companies to easily and efficiently manage all content on their Website. As a result, companies can reduce operational costs, increase informational control and turn content into a competitive advantage.
Keeping your Website up-to-date is critical, and relying on a third party to make changes is not a practical option. That’s why we designed a content management tool that puts you in the driver’s seat. Our content management system (CMS) is built with non-technical users in mind and gives you full control over the Website.

Why Use Content Management Solutions?
When was the last time your Website content changed? Imagine being able to make changes to your Website without knowing HTML. If you struggle with any of these challenges, then our CMS may be the right solution for you. Our Content Management System empowers the novice and seasoned developer alike with a streamlined development and management process unmatched by any other software product. By implementing the Content Management System, you can empower your Website to change at the speed of your business.

The Solar Velocity Advantage
Take Control of your Website! From the basic informational website to a robust web application, our Content Management System simplifies the creation and management of cutting-edge Internet solutions.

Reduce expenses by having non-technical staff publish changes to a Website.
Reduce the risk of losing clients due to out-dated content.
Enforce compliance with corporate standards (e.g. layout, font size, background colors).
Empower marketing and sales teams to make their own changes and publish live within minutes, forgoing typical turnaround times of days or weeks.
Small learning curve to update the content due to use of a familiar Web browser interface.
Content Management System Features
Browser Based Interface

Solar Velocity’s Website Manager is designed for the non-technical "subject matter expert," thereby allowing greater access and control over the Web presence.

If a website manager doesn't have a user-friendly interface, it goes unused. Our Website manager is especially designed for the non-technical business user.

100% Browser based (IE 5.0 or higher).
No software to install, and nothing to upgrade. All content authoring and administration can be done via the Web browser.
Easy to use by non-technical business users.
All functionality is provided by the basic Internet Explorer installation.


WYSIWYG editor (Text Editor)

The WYSIWYG editor provides a great deal of flexibility in situations where you want your authors to have some advanced formatting capabilities.

Change formatting of text
Editing the format of the text is as easy as working in Microsoft Word. Change color, font, size, etc.
Copy and paste and drag & drop from Word, Excel, and Internet Browsers
Pasting from desktop applications is very easy and any HTML compatible formatting is preserved, including tables!
Upload images
Images can be uploaded or selected from folders.
Upload documents
You can upload document files by creating a link from your HTML content to the document files (PDF, zip files, doc files, ppt files...).
Flash support
You can upload flash files, set their properties and insert them directly into your HTML content.
Media support
You can upload media files, set their properties and insert them directly into your HTML content.
Create tables
Create and edit tables and cells. The table widgets include a feature to highlight or hide the table borders.
Undo/redo capabilities
The WYSIWYG control supports multiple levels of undo/redo.
Create links to internal pages and external websites
Create links to pages within the website or links to other websites.
Create bookmarks / anchors
Create links to sub-categories inside the same page allowing long pages to be broken into categories for ease of use.
Spell Check
Check the spelling before you publish to the Internet.
HTML editor integrated into system
Users can switch back and forth between WYSIWYG and HTML code views.


Page Wizard and Page Manager

Create new pages
Create new pages that will mirror the website layout / concept to conform to the website branding.
Update page structure
Control the number of columns on each page.
Edit page properties
Update page title, description, and meta tags.


Password Protected Pages

Create different groups and users in order to view your specific pages
Set permissions on what the groups or individuals can view on the website.
Users can request access to secure pages
Users will be added to the database and marked inactive until an administrator activates the account.


Press Release Manager

Manage news, press releases and general information related to your organization.
Schedule release dates and archive dates
Display multiple press releases


Calendar and Event Manager

Displays upcoming events
Keep website visitors updated on events.
Different calendar views
A variety of different outputs/views allow you to display your data exactly as you want it to appear.
Display multiple calendars


Navigation Manager

Control the links that appear on your site’s navigation
Add and remove links as your business focus changes to make sure that your most relevant information is always available to your clients.


Style Sheet Manager

Manage the text style, borders and colors of almost everything in your Website
Changes are global, so the style manager makes changing your look quick and easy.


Online Form Manager

Collect information from your Website
This system offers a ready-made way to have information e-mailed to you from the web.
*No special scripting is needed to send the form to the intended target.