Price: $19.95
Our FreedomPRO plan is designed for emerging businesses looking to automate their communications, increase productivity and stay competitive. FreedomPRO users can give callers the impression of a Fortune 500 company by giving them 24/7 access to the information they need. Use the multiple voice mailboxes to automate your communications giving callers access to recorded company or product information.
Our FreedomPRO plan comes with all the same great features of the FreedomLITE, plus the ability to accept incoming faxes, which means you can use one telephone number for all your communications needs. The FreedomPRO system automatically detects fax signals and will dynamically convert the line to a fax tone to accept incoming faxes without the need of the caller to have to dial a specific extension. Additional features that come standard with the FreedomPRO include call blocking and limiting, group voice and fax messaging and Ultimate Sales Tool. 

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