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Recyclers Raft

Price: $49.95
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#01 red 38x62

This is one of the most eco-friendly rafts on the market today.
This unique green-designed air mattress turns recycling into fun for the whole family!
Insert your empty two liter soda bottles into the 38"x62" polyester duc shell, and you have an environmentally friendly air mattress that's surprisingly comfortable, easy to transport, and so unbelievably durable even dogs can use it without harming it's bouyancy!
We're so sure of the quality we offer a full two year free replacement warranty.
There's no need to blow up this raft, so there's never a need for a plastic patch kit and messy glue.
Never worry about sinking from a puncture again!
Stop buying several cheap disposable poof rafts every year and throwing them in landfills. Recyclers Raft can last 5, 10, 20 years or more!
Show your environmentally consious side and your support of American business and get your extremely durable Recyclers Raft now!