Gresham Gas Sampling

Gresham Gas Sampling

Gas sampling Kit

Gas sampling Kit: contains all you need to start collecting Gas Samples: one Gas Sampling Pump, six 55ml Stainless Steel Sample Cylinders, one Filling Indicator, one Purging Attachment, Connecting Tube, Spare Valves with Insertion Tool.

Sampling Pump: Predominately made from Stainless Steel the two stage Sampling Pump easily fills the sample cylinders to the recommended 17 bar.

Filling Indicator: Fits between the Pump and the cylinder to show when the cylinder is full.

Purging Attachment: Is used to hold open the "free" cylinder valve to enable the cylinders to be purged quickly with minimum effort.

Sample Cylinders: come in a standard size of 55ml.Various other sizes are available by special order and quotation. For example 15ml is ideal for collecting samples from small initial volumes minimising the risk of sample dilution. The popular configuration is Double Headed, Stainless.

Cylinder Testing Unit: is used in the Laboratory to Transfer the Sample to the analysis equipment.