Hydraulic Actuators & Controls

Hydraulic Actuators & Controls

PO Check Valve

Pilot Operated Check Valves: Spool Control Valves inherently leak allowing cylinders to drift. The inclusion of a P O Check Valve in the circuit will positively lock a cylinder in position.


Single or Dual Valves. Lock one or both ends of a cylinder respectively.

O Ring on Piston. Isolates the pilot system and reduces losses in low flow systems.

Flat on Piston. Speeds up valve closing on circuits with long hoses.

Ratio. Standard ratio 3:1 - others available on request.

Vented Valves. Prevent chattering or hunting caused by system back pressure. Only available on single versions.

Soft Seats. For leak-tight holding on low volume systems over long periods, e.g. workholding