Dynamic Manager

Dynamic Manager - content management websites

Update and modify your website from the web without learning programming or HTML code. Reach your customers with timely information that is important to them, when it’s important to them. Also, Dynamic Manager separates graphic design and content, allowing you to make content changes or graphic changes to your site without affecting the other aspect. Due to the open architecture of Dynamic Manager, we may be able to integrate your website with your other software systems to create a seamless work environment.

Standard features:
Intuitive user-interface for modifications to your site
Edit text without IT assistance
Ability to add modules and functionality from the web
Add pages
Change layout
Instant content publishing
Separates graphic design and content
Security: ability to assign edit permission per role
Audit capabilities
Advanced search engine optimization
Advanced search engine indexing

Optional features:
Interface with other systems
Ability to support multiple languages

Get control of your website with Dynamic Manager and contact Dataentity today at (913) 825-0369 or info@dataentity.com.