Team Manager

Team Manager - web-based project management

How do you manage 10 offices, 100 employees, and a million ideas? Employ Team Manager. Regardless of distance, time zones or turf battles, Team Manager reins in the challenges so your team can perform. Team Manager gives your business teams the ultimate tool to tracks projects, view and assign tasks, create time reports and access mission-critical files through the internet.

Key Features:
Project Center - Create, view, edit and delete projects from the web.
Project Plan - View tasks as part of a Gantt Chart or in Table View.
Action Items – Track and assign Action Items for Team Members.
Project files – All related project files are accessible from the web through the built-in document management functionality.
Team Calendar – Stay on track and on schedule.
Reports – Summarize project data with the click of the mouse.
Contact Manager – Keep all pertinent contact information in one place.
Message board – Post information or questions related to the project for all to reference.
Conference – Chat online regarding the project. Everything is recorded and available for future reference.
Inbox – Keep record of project related messages for easy reference.
And Much More

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