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Arcade Legends 25" Upright

Price: $2,865.00
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Multi-game video machines are becoming popular all over again as gamers return to the 1980s-era classics that originally put the industry on the map. Video games are huge: the industry made more last year than Hollywood did. While new games make up the lion’s share of business, another area of growth is the nostalgic market—people are now buying the multi-game video machines that they grew up on.

The Arcade Legends Upright Console brings the classic arcade games of yester-year back to life in a full-size, multi-game console. It uses the original programming that gave those classic arcade games such a distinctive, groundbreaking feel, with all the lights, color, sound, and gaming action you remember. The system comes equipped with a 25" CGA monitor, 2 joysticks, a 3” trackball, and multiple button controls for one-on-one game play. An interactive menu (controlled via the joysticks and buttons) lets you customize sound volume, delete high scores, and even add future games as they are made available.

Arcade Legends offers the top 50 arcade classics, titles like Asteroids, Missile Command, Berzerk and Mr. Do. Additionally, if these 50 are just not enough, we offer four upgrade options to all of our customers.