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Pac-Man 25th Anniversary Edition

Price: $3,395.00
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Namco America Inc. introduces Pac-Man 25th Anniversary Limited Edition model.

Were you one of the millions of players feeding quarters into the phenomenal Pac-Man arcade game in the 80's? Can you believe that your children and maybe even grandchildren are enjoying the identical game play with Namco's Ms. Pac-Man™/Galaga™/Pac-Man® Classic game? Talk about longevity...

In honor of this outstanding game, Namco has designed a Limited Edition Pac-Man 25th Anniversary model. This model will feature all three classic games, Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga. The player simply selects which game they want to play during the Select Game Mode.

The cabinet screams “retroville” Pac-Man with a little “edge” added for the current millennia! This product will be available in three cabinet models, standard upright, cabaret with a coin-door and a cabaret without coin door. This awesomeness classic is sure to be around another 25 years!

Dimensions : 68"h x 24"w x 33"d

Power Requirement : 250 watts