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MAME Arcade Game Machine

Price: $4,200.00
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MAME Arcade game machine from Arcade Game Superstore. This MAME arcade game machine is made by Diamond Plate Games and is the highest quality game we have seen. This MAME machine has it all, and is built to order at a great price. If you're looking to add a MAME arcade game machine to your game room, you can't beat this machine.

Capable of playing thousands of games, an arcade system from Diamondplate Games brings back classic arcade and puts it into your own home.

With real arcade controls, premium sound and a large 27" monitor from a leading arcade monitor manufacturer, games look, feel and play just like you remember.

Each system includes a collection of licensed classic favorites.

The system is configured to act as an arcade machine, MP3 jukebox and DVD movie player. All operate from the control panel without the need of the keyboard.