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Tufin SecureTrack

Tufin SecureTrack is a comprehensive auditing, monitoring and compliance solution for Firewall policies. SecureTrack's advanced change management and corporate policy enforcement capabilities mitigate risks associated with Firewall configuration changes, and enable compliance with the strictest regulations and standards.

The need for Advanced Firewall Policy Management
Your organization's security policy defines how different security devices protect your IT infrastructure. The growing complexity of networks and systems, coupled with the increase in security threats cause security policies to become increasingly complex.
Changes in security policies pose many potential risks:
> Configuration errors leading to network downtime
> Security exposure caused by poor judgement
> Policy changes that violate the corporate policy
> Firewall rulebases are becoming large and complex

In most organizations, critical decisions regarding policy changes are often made without giving full consideration to the security implications. Firewall rule audits are usually performed once every few months, and not on a continuous basis.

The SecureTrack Solution
Tufin SecureTrack is an innovative Firewall policy auditing, tracking and compliance solution. It enables effective monitoring of all policy changes made by administrators in Firewall configurations, providing comprehensive security policy version control, auditing and tracking.

Using SecureTrack, you can monitor the work of different administrators by receiving real-time notifications on policy changes as they occur. You can also determine the exact state of your Firewall policy, at any point in time.

SecureTrack's Organizational Policy Compliance provides a framework for real-time compliance auditing of Firewall policy changes against your corporate policy, and alerts you whenever an administrator makes a change that breaches this policy.

Through its advanced Firewall policy change control, configuration management and compliance auditing capabilities, SecureTrack enables tight Risk Management controls. Monitoring the changes in your Firewall policy and verifying their adherence to the corporate policy mitigates risks and enables compliance with the strictest regulations and standards.

Real-time Monitoring
SecureTrack continuously monitors Firewall policies, detecting and reporting any configuration change as soon as it is made. With Real-time monitoring, registered SecureTrack users receive detailed notifications on changes as they are made via email, SysLog and SNMP traps. SecureTrack analyzes the new configuration, and sends out detailed reports on the exact changes that were made, which administrator was responsible and which Firewalls were affected.

Organizational Policy Compliance
Organizational Policy Compliance enables effective tracking of Firewall policy changes for violations of the corporate policy, and dispatches real-time alerts as soon as such violations occur. In addition, SecureTrack can alert the Security Officer on suspicious and questionable policy changes. You can easily define what types of changes constitute breaches of your corporate policy. The Organizational Policy Compliance is configured through a rich set of audit rules, enabling a detailed policy specification.

Graphical side-by-side comparison view
SecureTrack provides you with a powerful side-by-side graphical view, highlighting the differences between any pair of policy versions. You can clearly identify which rules and objects were added, deleted or modified.

Compliance with Regulations and Standards
The past few years have been marked by a rise in government regulations and industry standards. SecureTrack improves security management procedures and processes, which are the fundamental requirements for IT security in the latest regulations and standards, including:
> The Sarbanes-Oxley Act
> The Basel Capital Accord (Basel II)
> ISO 17799 / BS 7799

Increasing Uptime
Network downtime is often caused by human error, especially when it comes to networking and security infrastructure. Keeping track of security policy changes will help you correlate network downtime with recent policy changes. The graphical comparison view enables quick identification of configuration errors, increasing your network uptime and delivering a high Return on Investment.

Advanced Reporting
SecureTrack's advanced reports complete the security management picture. You can use various criteria to query the policy revision database, and generate detailed custom reports. Advanced reports provide a complete accounting of security policy changes, detailing each Save and Install operation and its effects on the security policy. Reports can be scheduled to run periodically or triggered by specific policy change events, and support HTML, MHT or PDF formats.

Advanced Rule Base Audit
With the advent of SecureTrack, rule base auditing can now be highly automated to identify risks and vulnerabilities, remove un-used and expired rules, investigate historical rule changes and determine whether existing rules are configured according to the corporate policy.

Rule Base Optimization
SecureTrack monitors each Firewall's traffic logs and correlates the data in real-time with the rule base, to determine which rules were accessed at different points in time. This enables administrators to modify the rule base for optimal firewall performance, based on actual traffic.

Enhanced Provisioning
SecureTrack's user permissions can now be limited to specific Firewall Management servers or Provider-1 CMA's, enabling global policy monitoring and control for large enterprise customers and Managed Service Providers.

Graphical policy view of historical revisions
SecureTrack 2.2 enables a graphical view of the rule base and objects at any point in time, for increased visibility, error-correction and historical policy analysis.

Full system backup and restore
The product's entire database and configuration can backed up to a file and easily restored, for disaster recovery and easy platform migration.