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Huisong Pharmaceuticals

Black Currant Extract

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Black Currant Extract Powder, produced by Huisong Pharmaceuticals, contains 30% of anthocyanins, which has been well-known in folk medicine throughout the world, for they're linked to an amazingly broad-based range of health benefits, for instance,
a. Enhancing night vision or overall vision
b. Reducing cancer cell proliferation and inhibiting tumor formation
c. Cardiovascular disease protection
d. Aid in the prevention of obestity and diabetes
e. Capacity to modulate cognitive and motor function to enhance memory
f. Benefit for pancreatic disorders
g. Prevention of generation of free radicals and etc.

Huisong's Black Currant Extract Powder 30% is made from New Zealand black currant. It's a kind of dark purple powder with characteristic odour and taste, packed into 5kg per aluminium foil bag and 25kg per drum.