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MerAssistant is a powerful new GUI program for your Nortel phone system. It allows administrators to perform many of the daily tasks of programming with simple drop down menus and point and click access rather then a command line interface. MerAssistant is so user friendly that it can even let non-technical users be able to make safe system changes with ease.

“I've never even logged into a switch before - but with this program, I feel comfortable interacting with our switch. I use it on a daily basis and it works like a charm." - J. Jackson, Pbx Supervisor.
MerAssistant is designed to turn a Maintenance Terminal into a Graphical User Interface (GUI) program where change actions take place at the click of a button. It allows Nortel Meridian Pbx Managers, Pbx Supervisors, Pbx Administrators and Technicians to easily manage their switch.