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Dance Dance Revolution Supernova

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Expected Arrival Date -- Early June 2006!

The first arcade version of the best-selling dance video game series to be released in North America in more than six years, Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA uses a completely new hardware engine that has been refined to deliver vibrant 3D backgrounds, cool music videos and crisp high-resolution graphics. With the worldwide success and established fan base of DDR at its highest level ever, DDR returns to its arcade roots with DDR SuperNOVA, the largest game in the series with over 300 songs and 2,000 dance patterns available.

Powered by an enhanced graphics engine, DDR SuperNOVA features animated on-screen dancers that are displayed in life-like realism. Additionally, the game features all-new modes including a Tutorial mode to teach new users the necessary DDR dancing skills and an exciting Battle Mode where players duke it out by sending powerful attacks to each other, altering the gameplay in real-time. DDR SuperNOVA will also be designed to support linking features in future iterations of the series for home gaming consoles.

At the heart of any DDR game is the music selection and DDR SuperNOVA is the largest game in the series. Over 300 songs are included in the game, ranging from a wide variety of musical genres that encompass famous smash-hit songs and Konami original tunes. With the largest song library to date, players will have access to more than 2000 dance step patterns plus the ability to alter the dance steps.

Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA is a brand new evolution in the DDR series and expands on every aspect of what made the original series innovative, fun and addictive.

Monitor: 29" Monitor

Dimensions: Height: 74" x Width: 41" x Depth: 26" -- Weight: Approximately 800 lbs.