Chameleon Content Management System

Price: $25,000.00
Chameleon CMS is Flip Media’s complete content management solution aimed at making the management of website content and updates easier and more convenient.

Upon login, clients are welcomed by a dashboard containing up to date industry news and relevant information about the media industry in general, which can be customized according to preference. The dashboard also contains information regarding the last content updates carried out, the number of posts, comments and categories that exist on the site, thus allowing an administrator to manage updates from multiple user accounts.

Chameleon allows users to enter information and upload information to the relevant site. The ‘write post’ module is divided into multiple parts that help categorize the content with the required data. Posts can then be edited in after publication if so desired. A full text English and Arabic text editor comes handy for Middle Eastern multiple language sites.

The user can choose advanced options to protect unpublished articles and content with passwords and can select the ‘draft post’ option, which saves posts but does not publish the content, allowing content to be reviewed and approved by other authors prior to uploading.

Since content, design and website code is independent from each other, the actual website development process is shortened a lot. Whilst the page design is approved, content can already be updated through Chameleon CMS and design modifications can be carried out at later stage without reprogramming the whole site.

Categories are managed, aiding navigation and allowing posts to be grouped with others of similar content.

The ‘menu manager’ function is an extensive management system for navigational items, which shows a comprehensive list of all menu items on the site.

Advanced options include controls allowing users to add RSS links and images according to settings defined by the link’s categories and to rate these accordingly.

The Google sitemap module ‘pings’ the global search and indexing company once content has been updated in order to make new and updated information accessible through search engines on the fly.

By default, Chameleon is set up with two user accounts but may be customised to allow multiple users. Each account has a unique profile and user level where personal information pertaining to the individual user can be added. Version control and user workflow management support professional data management and auditing features for the website.

Clients such as 7DAYS, Air Arabia, Bahrain Formula 1, Dubai Sports City, Dubai International Film Festival, Emaar, Gulf Ventures, IFA Hotels & Resorts, MMI, Siraj, Remix and others trust Chameleon and use the CMS to update and maintain their sites.